Pole Roller Covers are safe and easy to use

Pole Roller Covers are a safe alternative to pool nets, easy to use and keep heat in.

pole roller cover

Pool Covers

Pole Roller Covers are a safe and modern alternative to pool nets. Easy to open and close and tends to keep more heat in. Saving of water and chemicals due to less evapouration. The PVC, poles and hooks are made from high grade materials for a long lasting and durable product.

Safe Pool specialise in fitting extremely strong and safe swimming pole covers in Johannesburg, Benoni and East Rand. They are specifically designed to help Protect your Children, Pets and Family from swimming pools. We have 10+ years of experience installing the best quality pole covers in Johannesburg.

Swimming pole roller covers are easier to use than pool nets and they keep more heat in. However pool nets do offer the advantage of being able see your pool water.

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Benefits of Pole Covers

  • Strong, durable and long lasting
  • Keep more heat in than pool nets
  • Long lasting due to quality of materials used
  • Easy to open and close
  • Protects your children and animals
  • Children cannot remove the pool cover
  • Fits any pool shape or size
  • Much more attractive than pool fencing
  • Adds value to your property

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