Solar Blankets warm up your pool.

A Solar Blanket is a cost effective solution to warming and keeping your pool warm.

Solar Blankets

A Solar Blanket is a cost effective solution for warming your pool water. They absorb heat from the sun. Saving water and chemicals due to less evapouration. The bubble material is made from high grade UV and chemical resistant plastic for a long lasting and durable product.

Safe Pool specialise in fitting extremely high quality swimming pool solar blankets in Johannesburg, Benoni and East Rand. They are specifically designed to warm up the pool water.

They are a much cheaper alternative to heat pumps and are maintenance free.

We have 10+ years of experience installing them in Johannesburg.

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solar blankets

Benefits of a Solar Blanket

  • Makes pool water warm by keeping heat in
  • Saving on water
  • Saving of chemicals due to less evapouration
  • Long lasting due to quality of materials used
  • Easy to use, quick removal
  • Fits any pool shape or size
  • Cheaper than heat pump
  • Adds value to your property

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